• About TraxEnergy

    TraxEnergy, Inc. is a proficient and flexible company with a passion for finding innovative, cost saving solutions for issues confronting the railroad industry. We maintain the railroad infrastructure as well as develop alternative management plans for the byproducts of railroad operations. Our goal is to provide services that exceed the railroad industry's standards by identifying the problem, developing an innovative solution and monitoring its performance through to successful completion.


    General Construction

    TraxEnergy serves in the construction and maintenance of class I railroad infrastructure. We have provided general contracting services for railroad building construction and repair, communication and security equipment, roadway construction and maintenance with strict adherence to railroad safety protocol and respect for railroad operations.

    Solid Waste Management

    TraxEnergy has the expertise to manage large volume non-hazardous waste streams. Our company systematically cleans over 100 class I railroad yards each year through managing the men and equipment necessary to do the work and also the resulting waste disposal. We are proficient in sampling, profiling and managing the disposal to local facilities or by rail. This business service is focused around the efficient reuse or disposal of all products handled in day to day railway operations.

    Coal Management

    TraxEnergy has provided creative solutions to class I railroads in the management of distressed coal for over 20 years. From brokering the sale of western coal loaded in the wrong car type to providing field expertise in the salvage and management of coal derailed during transportation, TraxEnergy has the solution to any problem.

    Railroad Tie Management

    TraxEnergy specializes in the sensible recycling of used railroad ties. We have been instrumental in the design and operation of facilities which process over 100,000 tons per year of this alternative boiler fuel used in permitted wood fired power plants. We have provided consulting services to two major class I railroads to assist in the continual management of their entire yearly production of spent ties.


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